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Dear Editor,

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Our people are wonderful. They will do what is right in almost every situation. Today we are involved in trying to avoid being sick with the worldwide virus. Our government in all phases has laid out numerous rules and in some cases laws to protect us. However, if you look around you will find that none of these are necessary. Mere suggestions are all that is needed.

Most businesses are closed. This jeopardizes the businesses and puts undue restrictions on the rest of the population. In my opinion this is not necessary. Let’s look at barber shops. All that is needed is the barber inform the customers of the rules. All will be required to stay six feet apart. That could be with one person in the barber chair and one person waiting. Others will remain outside 6 feet apart. Next person from outside cannot enter until one from inside leaves.

I may be strange but I don’t want to catch a virus. Especially one that could kill me. Likewise, I don’t know of anyone who feels differently. I don’t leave my house unless there is something that I “need” instead of something that I want. Most people I know feel the same.

Regardless of where I go, most people are wearing masks and are 6 feet from each other. Our population is alert and willing to do what is necessary to stay healthy. Look at the businesses. Most can do the same as the barber. Limit how many people can come in the place and make sure they are staying six feet apart. Nearly all businesses that are open have markers on the floor to help clients stay six feet from the employees.

As in most cases our government goes too far. Many are arresting those who don’t comply with the government imposed rules. Our people are smart. We don’t need government imposing rules and laws to protect us. Especially when these rules cause hardship. Government please leave us alone. Let us get back to real life.

Jon Lewis Canton