Don’t stand too close to the muffins, you might lose a hand

Recently, I received a message from an angry reader who told me that I shouldn’t “write about people that kill others,” and that I “added your thoughts and someone you did not really know,” regarding our article on the sentencing of Joe Gilmer of Canton. 

Here’s the kicker, I didn’t write it, the criminal district attorney’s office of Van Zandt County did. The angry reader went on to tell me to “never cover a murder of the case when a young girl’s life is taken unnecessarily.”

I had to ponder and scratch my head at that one, because I thought we were still talking about the sentencing of Joe Gilmer. I guess we had switched gears. I’m just sad that six years of college and multiple degrees are null and void.

I have to chuckle a bit because I can only imagine myself yelling at the grocery store clerk who bags my groceries. “Hey! Don’t put those chips in with that milk!” Seems a bit overkill I think, especially when I know he bags groceries every day after he gets out of school. Who am I to tell him how to bag groceries if he does it all the time? 

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