Bee fit with Bob

Choose to make your own choices

The experts say that between 80 and 90 percent of everything we do is by habit. We are born with no habits, so our care givers choose our habits for us. Unfortunately, many of those habits never change. Many people never move, change political parties, religious views and are content to choose someone else to make choices for them. One of those habits is smoking cigarettes. They cause people to die and it practically says that on the label. Some people knew the risks, chose to smoke, get cancer and die. Those folks chose to let others make a poor choice available to them.


Most things happen to us because of choices we make. On June 12, 2006, I made a choice to be healthy. Why? I talked to myself and on that day said; “If I keep on drinking and eating like I am right now, I will be dead in five years.”


I am a data guy. I tracked how may steps I walked every day, then it became a habit. I have walked every day since. A couple years later I drank a little more water and a little less sugar drink. I started to tweak my habit with a lot more water and a lot less sugar drink. Today, I drink no sugar drinks. It is a habit.

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