This Week in Canton History

April 13, 1961- Unfortunately we do not have a copy of the Canton Herald, April 13, 1961 in our archives.

The following is an apology by this writer for incorrectly transcribing “Remember Pearl Harbor” in a December issue. The original article was written by Mr. Ronnie Chitty for his High School Newspaper, Canton Chatter published on Dec. 8, 1960.

Various snippets from other editions of the Canton Herald will fill this issue and we should be back on tract next week.

Canton Herald, Dec. 8, 1960-Canton Chatter, Remember Pearl Harbor by Ronnie Chitty:

On a quiet Sunday morning, December 1941 the United States Navy’s Pacific fleet lay at rest in Pearl Harbor. The Oklahoma, the West Virginia, the California and Arizona, four of America’s mighty battleships, were tied up along ten-ten dock. The fleet was in for the last time.

Sailors, coming in from shore leave, were being ferried back to their ships as their other shipmates waited to be taken a shore for their leave. At 7:45 a. m. the quietness was suddenly broken by the roar of airplanes, the rattling of machine guns, and the blast of torpedoes and bombs. In a few horrifying minutes blood and oil mingled in the Pacific waters of Pearl Harbor. Many ships were sunk among them those four great battle wagons, some were damaged, and a few even managed to escape. Several thousand American servicemen lost their lives and the Japanese scored their first victory in a war which cost the lives of many more brave men before the Japanese were defeated.

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