Use your teacher voice!

Suzanne Bardwell

I have spilled barrels of ink in columns on the joys of being a teacher but now some ink needs to be spilled to get educators the help we need. Along with other school employees and retirees, we are facing a nightmare. And that is why 800 educators packed the front lawn of the Gregg County Courthouse recently in the "Use Your Teacher Voice!" Rally.

During the regular state legislative session, it felt as if education and educators had been targeted. So now teachers and other school employees, active and retired, are rising up like the proverbial 'sleeping giant'. Here is why.

Our pension is at risk of being changed when it is the sixth healthiest in the nation. Why would politicians want to mess with something that works? Probably so they can raid the treasure chest.

The fact that Gov. Abbott placed a former Enron executive to head a commission to study a possible change does not give me confidence that public education retirees' best interests are at the heart of this 'study'.

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