First Day of School deemed success CISD budget, tax rate approved

The 2017-’18 Canton Independent School District school year is officially underway. The first day of classes were held Monday, Aug. 21 with more than 2,200 students filing in the district campuses to start a new school year.

The CISD Board of Trustees also met Aug. 21, with Superintendent Jay Tullos remarking that the school year was off to a great start.

“The first day of school was a good, busy day for CISD staff, parents and students. We want to keep the excitement of coming back to school going on as long as we can,” said Tullos.

Tullos also gave statistics concerning how many students came to school at Canton ISD.

Tullos remarked that “Canton Elementary had 525 students; Canton Intermediate, 514; Canton Junior High, 547; Canton High School, 633. “

Tullos continued by saying that the numbers for eighth grade enrollment were up considerably from last year. “In 2016, the eighth-grade class had 147 students, this year we have 183 enrolled. In the freshmen class last year, there were 153 students, and this year we have 168 enrolled. Those are pretty good jumps in enrollment.”

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