Off the interstate I20 Dodge to reopen after loss

The grand showroom and service area of the i20 Dodge dealership was weeks away from opening when the April 29 tornadoes ripped through the dealership destroying inventory, the showroom and an eight-bay service area.

The dealership was a testament to the tornado’s destructive force, with Interstate 20 travelers being able to view the wreckage as they drove by. Twisted and mangled cars littered the ground, with some vehicles swept up into the trees as well. The inventory was gone, steel beams and electrical wires were the only thing left from the grand showroom. It was a complete and devastating loss.

Despite the loss, i20 Dodge General Manager Eddie Wise said that i20 Dodge plans to reopen by Sept. 1, with new inventory and a plan to rebuild.

Wise is a Canton local, and said the dealership was eager to get back into Canton and begin the process of rebuilding and offering Van Zandt County customers top of the line service to its customers. Wise remarked that he had “been in the car business for 35-years,” and that he is excited about the prospect of reopening the dealership.

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