Balloon release held on Labor Day

The Van Zandt County Veterans Memorial held a balloon release in honor of veterans, prisoners of war/missing in action and those currently serving in the military on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4

The annual event attracted people from across the county with funds raised from the balloons purchased benefiting the VZC Veterans Memorial.

Each color of a balloon represented a certain status of military personnel. Red and blue balloons were in honor of veterans or anyone; black in honor of POW/MIA; yellow balloons for those currently serving in the military; and white balloons in honor of those who have retired.

VZC Veterans Memorial committee member Shorty Farmer offered remarks to those in attendance, stating that the balloon release was also in honor of the late Red Montgomery.

“We come together to remember the veterans, honor those who are serving and remembering the prisoners of war and those missing in action. We also want to remember Red Montgomery, who was a cornerstone of the Veterans Memorial. He was instrumental in the creation of the Veterans Memorial and we are here to also honor his memory,” said Farmer. “God Bless Texas and God Bless America.”

Farmer remarked that in years past, some of the balloons that are released have been found in Oklahoma, Austin and Missouri.

As the balloons were released, a northeastern wind carried the balloons to their final destinations, each in honor of someone who served his/her country.

“Remember, some gave all, and all gave some,” said Farmer.

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