Pumpkins galore at Storytime

Friday’s theme for Storytime at the Van Zandt County Library was fall pumpkins. Ms. Rhonda read “Tuttle’s Shell” by Salvatore Murdocca, about a turtle that has lost his shell and finds a pumpkin as a replacement.

Next was “Big Pumpkin” by Erica Silverman, about a witch that wanted some pumpkin pie but the pumpkin that she grew was so large that she couldn’t get it off the vine. It takes a ghost, a vampire, a mummy and a bat to get the pumpkin off the vine. The witch discovers that cooperation works best.

The children each made a paper plate pumpkin to take home.

“Join us on Friday, Oct. 20 for Storytime at the Van Zandt County Library when Ms. Rhonda continues in the Halloween spirit,” said VZC Librarians.

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