Jail heating units malfunction

On Jan. 1, 2018,  Van Zandt County Sheriff Dale Corbett was informed that the VZC County Jail was experiencing heating unit malfunctions resulting in substandard temperatures within the jail.  

According to VZC Sheriff Dale Corbett, the 120 male and female inmates at the VZC Jail had to be outsourced to the Henderson County Jail due to problems with the VZC Jail’s heat exchange units during the below-average temperatures experienced during the first week of the New Year. 

According to the Texas Commission on Jail Standards and the Texas Administrative Code, jail temperature levels shall be reasonably maintained between 65 degrees and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. “During routine inspection of the temperatures within our facility, jail staff found temperatures averaging between 51-66 degrees Fahrenheit in many housing units and occupied areas.  The approximate cost to fix the heat exchange unit is expected to be substantial and will be coming out of the VZC Sheriff’s Office budget.  The fee for housing our 120 inmates has led to a daily fee of $3,600,” stated Sheriff Corbett.

Sheriff Corbett further stated he “would like to thank Canton ISD Superintendent Jay Tullos and Dawn Loftin who generously coordinated the loaning of two buses to the Sheriff’s Office to transport the inmates to Henderson County Jail for temporary placement. We are deeply grateful for their assistance.”

“The plan is to get everything fixed in a timely manner to allow us to re-populate our facility,” stated Sheriff Corbett.   No other details were released as of presstime.