Plaster attends JP conference in Austin


Precinct 2 Justice of the Peace Judge Sandra Plaster has completed Stage I of the Educational Requirements for Justice of the Peace during Texas Justice Court Training.

The Texas Justice Court Training center is responsible for providing the 80 hours of education that new judges are required to attend.

Judge Plaster was welcomed by Judiciary Thea Walen Dec. 11, followed by a presentation by

Chief Justice Nathan Hecht.

“Justice Hecht spoke with us about the office we are about to embark upon. He stated this judicial journey will be one that will be a highlight of each and every one of you as a judge.

He encouraged us to be the judge of your precinct, ready to be called on at any time, to be a servant to the people,” stated Plaster. 

Topics learned throughout the week consisted of: Introduction To Justice Court Law, Legal Research and Resources; Introductions To Evictions, Introductions To Criminal Procedure; Search and Arrest Warrants and Probable Cause; Introduction To Magistration; EPO and Cycle of Violence; Interacting with the Clerks and Constables; Introduction to Inquests and Cause and Manner of Death by the Medical Examiner.

“Stage II will be Jan. 7-11continuing the topics listed above. Before leaving, each judge was given a copy of the Texas Criminal and Traffic Law Manual 2017-‘18 edition. They stated that this was a judges’ Bible. I am looking forward to serving the Citizens of Precinct 2 in Van Zandt County,” stated Plaster.