To be 100 CES celebrates 100 days of school

Canton Elementary School celebrated its 100th day of school Friday, Feb. 2. Students were encouraged to dress as a 100-year old person or wear a special shirt with ‘100 things’ as a way to symbolize the importance of the landmark in the school year.

Children dressed as the elderly lined up neatly for class before the morning rituals, with hair sprinkled with baby powder to achieve a gray look, hair up in rollers and the numerous walking sticks and canes came out from the closets.

Cynthia Lide’s first grade class at CES was just one of the classes that got into the 100th-day spirit, with over half of the class dressing as the elderly. Dresses, pantyhose, suspenders, overly large glasses, gloves, aprons and lipstick were the talk of the day as students offered their opinion on what exactly 100-year old people do and what their lives could be like if they were 100 years old. With a little prompting from Mrs. Lide, the children offered up stories ranging from “eating mushy food,” to “playing games all day long.” However, the students had a resounding answer to what they would want to do if they were 100 years old, with the consensual answer being “play all day.”  Below are a few student’s thoughts about what exactly it means to be 100 years old.


Marcus Whitlock

“I think that 100-year-old people probably just sit around all day in their chairs.  Being 100 is pretty old, so what all can you do when you’re that old?”

Ellie Waymire

“If I was 100 years old, I would probably eat cereal a lot. That would be my favorite food. But I know my grandma sits around and plays a lot of games on the computer. I would probably do that too.”

Maddie Carlos

“I bet they play board games and stuff like that. I know that they have to get groceries at the store because I see them there. But, I bet they would probably buy just mushy stuff.”

Luis Meraz

“I hope I still get to play soccer. I still want to be able to run and kick the ball as hard as I can. I will probably be really good by the time I am 100.”

Kylie Montgomery

“ If I was 100, I would probably wear one of those cooking shirts like my grandma has. I also would wear rollers like these I have on and lots of scarves. Sometimes I know they get paper and write things down on them and they watch TV a lot. It’s always on the news channel.”