Canton Bridge Club Results


March 27


North/South, first, Rachel Lee and Patsy Gordon; second, Judith Kelley and Renate Brown; tied for third and fourth Kay Mitchel and Ann Bennett with Sue Ritschel and Rosalyn Tullos.


East/West, first, Barbara Williams and Mary Priest; second, Shirley Shelton and Mike Graham; third, Gloria Rowland and Jo Ellen Wade.


April 3


North/South, first, Sue Ritschel and Rosalyn Tullos; second, Gloria Rowland and Jo Ellen Wade; third, Sarah Neimann and Evelyn Schmidt; fourth, Patsy Gordon and Rachel Lee.


East/West. first, Betty Wilkinson and Mary Priest; second, Neva Davis and Jan Holcomb; third, Marion Davis and Robert Cowling; fourth, Jean Roach and Valerie Chapman.