Canton Bridge Club Results


April 10

North/South, first, Sue Ritschel and Sandy Hilliard; second, Richard and Mary Hinkle; third, Gloria Rowland and Greg Cooley; fourth, Barbara Bradford and Carol Bates.

East/West, first, Nancy Green and Ennis Dyess; second, Sarah Niemann and Mary Priest; third, Jo Poynter and Patricia Hargrave; fourth, Neva Davis and Jan Holcomb.


April 17

First, Chester Neel and Jan Holcomb; second, Gloria Rowland and Betty Wilkinson; third, Judith Kelley and Dan Cowling; fourth, Selma Dawson and Frances Sanders.

April 24

North/South, first, Jimmy Hubbard and Chester Neel; second, Gloria Rowland and Jo Ellen Wade; third, Sue Ritschel and Rosalyn Tullos; fourth, Nelda Avent and JoAnn Parten. East/West, first, Betty Wilkinson and Ursula Brooks; second Rosemary Mize and Mary Priest; third, Sandy Molander and Bonnie Magee; fourth, Valerie Chapman and Jean Roach.