Sides Pea Farm back in action




On April 30, 2017, Virginia Sides stood on her pea farm and surveyed what remained of the Sides Pea Farm on Farm-to-Market 2909 in Van Zandt County after a slew of tornadoes wiped out everything on the property. Since 1957, Sides Pea Farm has been a staple in Van Zandt County, growing fresh produce and remaining a constant fixture in the landscape.  One year later, Sides Pea Farm has recovered from the carnage with a complete rebuild and a grand opening set for June 1.

“We have done a complete rebuild of the farm. Everything will be under one roof now including our store,” said Mrs. Sides.

Photos taken by Canton Herald staff showed the destruction of the farm, with uprooted trees and plants and Mrs. Sides catching a breath while she surveyed the carnage.

Sides, who said the tornadoes “got everything on the land,” said that it has taken a full year to get back into the swing of things, but the call for fresh peas has not lessened.

“We have had a lot of calls coming in for the peas this year. Everyone is excited and we are looking forward to having a good crop this year. We have been kept busy by all the calls and the excitement looking forward to when the peas will be ready. “

Sides said there was a lot to be done following the devastation of the pea farm, but that rebuilding efforts were slow to start.

“After the tornadoes, we had nothing left of the pea farm. But, there was a lot of cleanup to do and everyone was so busy so it took a while before we could start rebuilding. We are excited to be ready for this years’ crop and for everyone to see our new buildings and the farm.”