Deibert, Vaughn take seats as new councilmen

It was a night of new faces and special recognitions during the Canton City Council meeting April 15. New council members Daniel Deibert and Andrew Vaughn were sworn in as councilmembers. Deibert and Vaughn will fill the seats of previous councilmembers Shawn Stewart and Scott Perkins. Councilwoman Cindy Malouf ran uncontested and was also appointed as Mayor Pro-Tem.

Canton Mayor Lou Ann Everett honored and recognized a few individuals for service to Canton and also awarded scholarships to graduating seniors.

Mayor Everett honored Fruitvale ISD National Honor Society Members Laney Rush, Lexus Teague, McKenzie Hunt and Katelynn Crab for volunteering at the Canton Animal Shelter. Sanitation Solutions awarded two scholarships to Canton High School students for $500 each to Jeremy Dickerson and Riley Nicks. Mayor Everett presented the scholarships.

Mayor Everett presented Cameron Lovette with an award May 15 for being named the Canton Firefighter of the Year.

Mayor Everett for the City of Canton awarded two scholarships - one to Kylee Crist for Rayford Hutcherson Scholarship - $1,000 for four years and the First Monday Scholarship to Cheyenne Collard.

City Lakes

Filling in for Brad Allison, Director of Public Works for the City of Canton Walt Lehmann gave an update on the city lakes.

Old City Lake

Lehmann reported that the Old City Lake still had an over-population of vegetation.

“We have put Aquashade over the lake to shade the lake to reduce the plant growth.  There were also 125 carp released in the lake. They eat the vegetation and keep it in check. The Texas Department of Wildlife told us to leave the hydrilla alone and let the carp try to handle it. We can’t kill too much, otherwise they won’t have anything to eat,” said Lehmann.

City Manager Lonny Cluck issued a statement regarding concerns over chemicals being used in the lake.

“I know there are concerns about us using chemicals. The chemical we are using is recommended for use for what we are using it for. It is basically like a strong salt. It is non-toxic,” said Cluck.

The Old City Lake has also been restocked with fish as well.

Mill Creek Lake

Lehmann said the Mill Creek Lake had been stocked with 1,200 catfish and there are over 100 breeding pods to encourage catfish to breed in them.

Two-Acre Pond

Lehmann remarked that the Two-Acre Pond where Kid Fish Day is held is now going to be stocked with catfish instead of trout. Lehmann also said that Kid Fish will be held in June instead of February.


Austin Melton gave a marketing report to the council, which showed growth among various social media platforms. Melton said that any funds raised over a breakeven point during the Balloon Fest would be given to the Children’s Miracle Network. Melton said the approximate cost of the Balloon Festival was $60,000.

The council also:

—Approved the September, November and December 2018 and January 2018 financial reports;

—Approved the minutes of April 17, 2018;

—Appointed Cindy Malouf as mayor pro-tem. The appointment is for a one-year term. The mayor pro-tem performs duties of mayor in the absence of the mayor;

—approved a request from American Freedom Express for a solicitor’s permit to collect at the intersection of Buffalo and Dallas Streets June 9-10 for a softball fundraiser. The group is limited to four hours a day;

—Discussed an ordnance regarding the regulation of shipping/cargo containers. Cargo containers are allowed specific areas with permits and for storage only. Currently, there are no shipping or cargo containers allowed in residential or First Monday areas. The council discussed various ordnances on the containers including zoning ordinances that affect accessory structures. The ordinance states that under Residential Zonings, any accessory building over 300 square feet shall conform to the exterior façade of the main building and that any accessory structure not contained in the rear 30 percent of the yard from any adjoining street must have a masonry front, if unobstructed.

—Accepted a petition for voluntary annexation of Approximately 17.63 acres owned by Jane Groves Cox and also accepted a petition for voluntary annexation of approximately 34.37 acres owned by Silver Spur Homes, LLC

—Approved a resolution approving continued participation with the steering committee of cities served by Oncor and authorized payment of 11 cents per capita to the Steering Committee to fund regulatory and legal proceedings and activities related to Oncor Electric Delivery Company, LLC.

—Approved a taxi cab application for Beverly Holcomb. Holcomb requested a taxi cab permit to drive people to and from doctor’s appointments and for various errands. City Secretary Debra Johnson said Holcomb had provided all necessary information per the taxi ordinance.

1Approved changes on the Board of Adjustment. The terms of Jerry Yarbrough and Buddy Jacobs are expiring. Jabcls requested to serve as an alternate. Yarborough was appointed and Blake Fowler will take Jacobs’ place.

—Approved two year terms on the Planning & Zoning Commission for Larry Morgan and Jerry Martin;

—Approved the city’s investment policy;

—Approved a social media policy;

—Discussed capital projects to be included within the 2017-’18 budget.