September Mom




September is here, you just can't wait, you'll have so much spare time.

You'll start your diet and exercise; your life will be just fine.

(But then reality sets in)


Don't forget your books today, your papers and your lunch.

I'll start the car and check the gas, enough, but not by much!


If all the lights are green today and people move along,

We will make the school with time to spare.  You'll be where you belong.


The grocery list is here somewhere.  I'll find it on the way.

The shopping done; just find the card with which the bill to pay.


Hurry home to laundry and dishes in the sink.

Pick up the clothes and clean the floors; how much coffee did I drink?


The rest I planned to take today just disappeared somehow.

It's nearly time to pick up kids, I'll start the dinner now.


When evening comes, and all are home, a minutes' rest at last.

You stop to count your blessings, life moves so very fast!


If all your family is well today and satisfied somewhat,

Then thank the Lord, be happy, a miracle is what you've got!