Things will happen in time

I had to have my driver's license renewed a few months ago.  It was an awful experience.  Not only did I have to have my photo taken again, which is always problematic, but the line was out the door, literally.  Seems there were some driving tests being conducted and one of the employees had called in sick or something, so there were probably 30 of us waiting.  It took nearly all day.  Tempers were frayed and some verbal abuse took place.  All in all, not the best day for any of us.

Am I the only one who has no patience anymore?  Am I getting so old that any time spent waiting is a personal injustice?  And it seems so unnecessary...if people would just PLAN better.  Honestly. 

Actually, it's remarkable that I'm even thinking these thoughts - I hate to plan anything.  First Husband is a planner and plotter, and has ongoing conversations with himself about what's next and what's after that.  But sometimes you HAVE to.  For instance, if you're going to have a Caesarean section birth, that's something you should plan for.  Or paying your taxes.  Or picking up your kids from school.  You don't want to be late for any of these. 

As an armchair psychiatrist, I'm always trying to figure out why things are as they are. What causes that?  What's the meaning of this?  How did this come about?  Of course, there are never any answers, so I'm both frustrated AND impatient (sigh). 

When I go back through the misty passages of time and remember childhood, it seems there was plenty of time for everything.  Children don't generally have to worry about things, that's what mom and dad are for.  Were mine impatient and frustrated too, like I am now? 

Now that I think about it, I was never really patient or calm.  I'm always tapping my foot about something - when will it rain?  how will we ever get there in time?  will Christmas never get here? 

Well, it does no good to question things - they'll happen in their own time.  But I sure would love some answers.  If you have any, please let me know.  And I need to know NOW. 

Thank you.  I'll get back to you at some point.