Eagles compete at District 14-4A Meet

The Canton varsity boys cross country team placed third at the District 14-4A Meet, qualifying to race again at the Regional Cross Country Meet in Grand Prairie.


Varsity and junior varsity runners representing Athens, Brownsboro, Canton, Mabank, Van and Wills Point made their way to the First Monday parking grounds Oct. 9 to compete in this year’s District 14-4A Meet. Wills Point easily finished ahead of its county rivals at the event, winning first overall in the varsity boys, varsity girls, JV boys and JV girls divisions.

The varsity boys race was among the most competitive run at the District 14-4A Meet with less than 20 points separating the top four finishers. Wills Point came in first with 49 points, followed by Mabank with 61 points, Canton with 62, Brownsboro with 68, Athens with 98 and Van with 147.

Individual varsity boys results included:

-Canton: Matthew Hook, fourth, 17:53.7; Jonathan Bourquin, sixth, 17:54.9; Garrett Stapleton, eighth, 18:11.1; Wilson Null, 20th, 19:30.1; Trent McCarver, 24th, 19:42.7; Kevin Nixon, 28th, 20.02.2

-Van: Vincent Coplan, 22nd, 19:34.6; Levi Cardoso, 29th, 20:08.4; Caleb Phillips, 31st, 20:27.2; PJ Brooks, 32nd, 21:30.1; Brandon Morgan, 33rd, 21:43.6; Tristen Porter, 37th, 25:52.5

-Wills Point: Cade Davis, first, 17:37.6; Arik Phillips, ninth, 18:26.6; Xavier Torres, 10th, 18:28.2; Christian Williams, 11th, 18:29.7; Christopher De La Cruz, 18th, 19:05.5; Lalo Reyes, 26th, 19:55.2; Chase Phillips, 27th, 19:57.3The Lady Tigers team placed first overall as a team in the varsity girls division with 50 pionts overall, ahead of Mabank with 54, Van with 56, Brownsboro with 75 and Athens with 110. Canton only ran with two runners in the race, not enough to qualify for the team title.

Individual varsity girls results included:

-Canton: Madeline Null, second, 12:56.3; Darby Pruitt, seventh, 13:19.1

-Van: Macie Reynolds, third, 13:03.9; Isabel Romero, eighth, 13:19.8: Jorie'L Hicks, 10th, 13:37.5; Brooklyn Allison, 20th, 15:00.7; Carlee Dillon, 24th, 15:35.5; Jessica Swoape, 25th, 15:38.4; Mariana Romero, 31st, 17:05.3

-Wills Point: Hannah Sauceda, fifth, 13:14.5; Leslie Gonzalez, ninth, 13:32.8; Brisa Carillo, 13th, 14:02.3; Stephanie Mireles, 15th, 14:06.4; Kaylee King, 17th, 14:12.8; Jaylee Phillips, 19th, 14:38.4

Wills Point's JV boys team placed first overall with 32 total points, ahead of Mabank in second with 35 and Athens in third with 63.

Individual JV boys results included:

-Canton: Jax Wilkerson, 19th, 24:49.1

-Van: Gabe Murphy, second, 19:38.5; Zeke Reyes, fifth, 21:09.9

-Wills Point: Gobani Montano, third, 19:55.7; Oce Kitchens, eighth, 21:48.6; Stetson Malpass, ninth, 21:59.7; Angel Lozano, 10th, 22:19.4; Avery Barnes, 11th, 22:36.9; Jorge Mireles, 13th, 23:171; Luis Ortiz-Reyes, 14th, 23:19.7Wills Point was the lone District 14-4A with enough runners to qualify for the team title, finishing with 15 points overall.

Individual JV girls results included:

-Canton: Lexus Eudy, first, 12:41.1; Jade Spencer, 11th, 17:29.1; Shelby Wycough, 13th, 17:43.3-Wills Point: Kimberlie Lumsden, second, 15:22.2; Elizabeth Jeffrey, third, 15:50.5; Cheyenne Willis, fifth, 16:11.9; Alexa Morones, sixth, 16:26.5; Haylee Parker, ninth, 17:07.2; Ashlie Hernandez, 12th, 17:32.3

Coach Marta Morgan stated, “Thank you so much to everyone who volunteered their time to help make this season a success. I couldn't be more proud of these runners and all the hard work they have put in this season.”

The top three team finishers and top 15 individual finishers in the varsity division will now advance to compete again at the Regional Cross Country Meet in Grand Prairie Oct. 22.