Texas Star Quilters Guild results

Quilt by Debbie McFatridge, Best of Show, hand quilted, Dear Jane



The 2018 Star Quilters Quilt show was considered a success. “there were lots of beautiful quilts and quilted items. The guild had a bazaar, silent auction, door prizes, vendors with lots of fabric, patterns, notions, and threads to start new projects. The embrodiery group from Tyler were our guests. Following is a list of winners from our show,” said Quilt Guild officials.

The quilt show had many beautiful quilts and qult related items,

Hand quilted pieced- one person

  1. Elizabeth Rinks, Night Sky, hand merit
  2. Kim Laird, Reproduction Rose, hand merit
  3. Elizabeth Rinks, Lone Star Log Cabins, hand merit

Honorable Mention- Betty Thompson, Celebration, hand merit

Honorable Mention- Monica Keil, The Winning Hand, hand merit


Hand quilted applique- one person

  1. Beverly Pendergrass, The Garden at my Home, hand merit


Hand quilted pieced-group

  1. Debbie McFatridge, Dear Jane, Best Show of Hand Quilted
  2. Clara Jo Jackson, Clara’s Garden


 Machine pieced- one person

  1. Debbie Sansone, Blue Trails
  2. Cindy Stowe, Purple Star
  3. Charlene Mitchell, Evening in the Garden


Machine quilted-pieced group     

  1.  Suzanne Blasingame, Child’s Play, machine merit               
  2. Debbie McFatridge, Nearly Insane
  3. Susan Murfee, Once Upon a Time         

Honorable Mention- Janet Cole, Jerry’s Life in Texas

Machine quilted, mixed technique- group

  1. Elizabeth Rinks, A Primitive Garden, Best of Show Machine
  2. Connie Putman

Machine quilted, All other technique

  1. Cathy McCoy, Big Lures for Brian
  2. Paula Kirkpatrick, Hawaiian Hula Girl at Heart
  3. Debbit McFatridge, Quilting Snowladies

Computer Machine Quilted, pieced one person

  1. Linda Yarbrough, One Ringo Lake, Judges’ Choice- machine merit
  2. Linda Yarbrough, Talkin’ Turkey- machine merit
  3. Linda Mathis, Crystal Blue

Honorable Mention- Deborah O’Brien, Hunter Star

Honorable Mention- Quilt Barns

Honorable Mention- Linda Yarborough- Cluck of the Day

Honorable Mention- Linda Yarborough- Winterset, machine merit

Honorable Mention- Deborah O’Brien- Hunter Star


Machine Quilted, Pieced Group

  1. Tammy Brown, Family Picnic
  2. Susanne Blasingame, A Patch of Blue, Theme Award
  3. Billie Thompson, Talkin’ Turkey

Honorable Mention-Sharon Hodges, Let Me Surprise You-machine merit

Honorable Mention- Tammy Brown, Fix My Winter Blues

Honorable Mention- Sharon Hodges, Winterset- machine merit

Honorable Mention- Texas Star Quilters Guild- machine merit     

Honorable Mention- Elizabeth Rinks, Barns from daylight to dark


Computer Machine Quilted, Applique, Group

  1. Elizabeth Rinks, Dancing Umbrellas

Computer Machine Quilted, All other Technique

  1. Cathy McCoy- Cuoco Bravisimo


Machine Quilted, all other technique

  1. Bonnie Cade, Wedding Ring- machine merit
  2. Bonnie Cade- Drill team T-shirt
  3. Bonnie Cade- Panama


  1. Opal DeFriend,7, Coat of Colors
  2. Adelia DeFriend, 8, Stars and Stripes
  3. Tinsley Thompson, 10, Happy Days
  4. Sadie Thompson, 13, Rock Cycles Rock


Free State 4-H Blocks

  1. Leighton Speicher, age 9
  2. Andi Kinsey, 10
  3. Taylor Grant, 16
  4. Ella Goodson, 11

Honorable Mention- Addison Alexander, 10; Mallory Alexander, 10; Kali Wilhelm-Trent, 13


Small quilts, pieced, one person

  1. Cindy Stowe, Tiny Bubbles
  2. Cathy Anderson, My Deer Friend


Small quilts, pieced, group

  1. Suzanne Blasingame, Blue Baskets, Best of Show, Small Items
  2. Ginger Clayborn, Single Wedding Ring
  3. Rebecca Hettinger, Summer Fantasy


Small quilts, all other technique, one person

  1. Charlene Mitchell, Christmas in Hamburg, hand merit
  2. Cathy McCoy, Everything that has breath Praise the Lord
  3. Cathy McCoy, Rooster Royalty

Honorable Mention- Ginger Clayborn- Silent Moments


Small quilts, group

  1. Cathy McCoy, Creatures in Jars


Small miniature

  1. Nancy Gibson, 9 Patches Tumbling
  2. Nancy Gibson, Tumbler
  3. Cindy Stowe, 9-patch

Honorable Mention- Elizabeth Rinks, Pumpkins


Small, Misecellaneous

  1. Jacjie Hammons, Bag
  2. Jo Munns, Pillow, Bouquet of Kindess
  3. Elizabeth Rinks, Table Runner
  4. Michelle Parker, Bag

Honorable Mention- Cathy McCoy, Christmas Boot Stocking