Energy is not natural. It must be generated. 

Energy is generated in a power plant. The power plant needs fuel to generate the energy that makes things go. This power plant could use coal, water, wind, sun, nuclear material or something else to generate the energy that makes things go.

You all know Willie Nelson the singer? He started a power plant here in Texas and he used dirty grease that came from the food manufacturing industry. I remember when my kids were little driving by a potato chip factory. It stunk awful. That is the stinky stuff Willie was going to use for big 18-wheeler truck fuel. It was cheaper to manufacture than diesel fuel and there was a fortune to be made. There was one big problem. The stinky stuff was so bad it gummed up truck motors. That stinky stuff is called trans-fat. Sounds familiar, right?

I tell this story because our body needs energy to run. It requires fuel to generate energy every day. The two fuels our body must have are water and food. There are only three kinds of food; protein, carbohydrates and fats. There is great food, average food and horrible food. There are other things we but in or body, some are good for us and some are not. We can also put too much stuff or too little in our body. I work hard to keep it simple, like drinking lots of water and seven or more fresh or fresh frozen fruits and veggies and nuts every day. I drink no sugar drinks and quit smoking 55 years ago.

It is very important that we take the steps to generate good energy, not just physical, but mental alertness and positive thinking. Being negative and unhappy is easy. Listen to Abe Lincoln when he said, “most people are as happy as the make up their minds to be.”


The lower your energy, the lower your happiness. The lower your enthusiasm, the lower your confidence and the higher your chances of sickness, illness and chronic diseases. When your confidence is low, you start gaining weight and stressing out over things. When you decide to generate positive energy, you change every one of those factors and begin every day happier and healthier. Energy is a positive force to increase learning, creativity and taking positive steps to get more of the things you want to do done. Generating energy converts stress into manageable action. Generating energy gets you up and happy every day. Generating energy makes you want to drink lots of water, eat fresh and frozen fruits and veggies and nuts, walk 10,000 steps and get seven or more hours of sleep every day. 

Have a happy and healthy day.